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Security envelopes, deposit bags are made of transparent or untransparent films, with high strength. Closure with a special strap to prevent responding to attempts to detach. Each envelope has its own individual number and bar code and tear-off coupons to the deposit slip.

Security envelopes and secure bags are used to:

  • transport and deposit of cash
  • transfer and deposit of documents, such as (contracts, checks, payroll, projects, insurance policies, financial statements, personal data, medical reports)
  • transfer and deposit samples bought in goods production components, medical samples,
  • transfer and deposit of material evidence in criminal
  • transfer of personal documents and credit cards,
  • depositing the keys to the premises, jewellery, cash, or works of art in hotel safes or bank
  • archiving documents.

Security of envelope:

  • Sealing tape self-adhesive that deters on attempt its detachment disclosure of the string providing the interference by unauthorized persons. The tape is covered with a multilayer adhesive that is responsive to mechanical, chemical and thermal attempts of influence.
  • Consecutive numbering and barcode - individual numbering printed on the same envelope and repeated on sections coupons and the band self-adhesive. It gives personality traits closely
  • Descriptive panel - printed surface with a special paint that absorbs ink pen is used to describe all the relevant features of content envelope (sender, recipient, date, content, etc.)
  • Microperforation on edge of security envelope - factory applied microperforation on outer envelope seams prevent them unnoticeable cut and re-welded. In addition, the external envelope seams are made of a special technology offering exceptional resistance to putting up and tearing.


There is a possibility to make security envelopes and security bags by individual specifications (special printing, special sizes and special materials) - depending on the size of the order.


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